Dojo x Selva - A Partnership for the Future

Effective climate action isn’t just for scientists, big businesses and governments. We can all make a difference at an individual level. Ultimately it’s our carbon, so it’s our problem.

We have recently started our journey with Selva to begin to understand our impact and see where we can implement genuine initiatives to help do our small bit.

How is this done?

Selva believes in the power of collective optimism to achieve mass reforestation and tackle climate change. They calculate your carbon footprint by answering a few questions regarding your lifestyle. Then you are able to choose a personalised plan based on your emissions, selecting a reforestation project to plant native trees on your behalf. They partner with NGOs mainly in Madagascar to plant native species using sustainable forestry best practices to ensure maximum positive environmental impact. You will be able to track how many trees you plant every month and spread the world about why trees can change the world.

And why can they?

Trees are affordable, they are easily available at scale now, and they bring a whole load of other environmental and social benefits. Plenty of researches show that natural solutions like tree planting have the potential to achieve 37% of the CO2 reductions we need by 2030, and this one by the Crowther Lab in Zurich that concludes reforestation is “overwhelmingly more powerful than all of the other climate change solutions proposed”.

This is why Dojo Films has partnered with Selva to offset all of our business related carbon emissions.